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Love from Kent candles

Love From Kent brings you beautiful, artisan candles lovingly-poured from soy wax and infused with sublime natural fragrances.  Encased in stunning glass vessels and sealed under shiny, chrome lids, our scented candles look stunning, even before lit.  Hand-made in small batches with painstaking care and using only the finest quality ingredients, our exquisite candle creations are the epitome of accessible luxury.
Our candles make a stunning gift for others or a much-deserved treat for ourselves.  Set them in a bathroom, living room or lounge, light the slow-burning wick and allow flickering flame and beautiful fragrance to relax and revive you.  Love From Kent candles have been specially crafted to help create a haven of calm in your home, far away from the distractions of everyday.
Each one of our candles has a distinctly different fragrance character. Choose from nine, unique ‘Love From Kent’ perfumed candles to set the tone in your home:
Winter Spice
Cheering clove and cinnamon notes mingle with sensual musk and warm sandalwood tones.  A candle of cosy, winter comfort as cold nights draw in.
Blackberry and Raspberry
Autumnal berries mingle in a fruity harvest of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry scents.  Balanced by hints of plum blossom and vanilla, this hedgerow blend evokes late-September sunshine and sweet, seasonal delights.
A candle for Lily of the valley; evocative of the elegance and majesty of tall, ivory bouquets.  Clean, crisp, white florals lie alongside tones of geranium and rose, with just a hint of fresh-cut, green stem.  A tribute to floral elegance.
Amber, pink pepper, plum, bergamot and ginger pulse alongside heady scents of sandalwood and ylang ylang.  A candle to delight the passionate soul.
Hyacinth Blossom
Dulcet tones of hyacinth and orange blossom play alongside notes of fresh coriander, clarysage and mandarin.  A candle that sings of the joys of Spring.
Pomegranate and Green Tea
Fruity pomegranate, refreshing green tea and the effervescence of bergomots combine to cleanse and invigorate the senses.  A candle to revive the soul after a bustling day.
Reminiscent of celebration, this delicate perfume subtly blends pink rhubarb, sweet grapefruit with crisp, citrus notes of orange and pomelo.  A refined scent for joyous occasions.
Peony and Rose
Bergamot and peony dance with orange blossom and clarysage, tripping into exotic tuberose and twirling to the notes of English country roses.  A candle that swirls with the sweetness of summer posies.
Citrus Basil
A zingy blend of lime and mandarin, overlaid with hints of freshly-picked basil and thyme, and accented by a spark of black pepper.  A candle to charm and excite the senses.
*Wedding candles*
Personalised ‘Love From Kent’ wedding candles, when lit for your guests, make breathtaking, beautifully-scented table decorations for all to enjoy. Smaller, votive-sized candles can also be given as delightful, sophisticated wedding favours.
Place a large, flickering candle on each table to add subdued, romantic lighting and a beautiful fragrance to the celebrations. Then, gift small votives imbued with the same perfume, so that guests can take home a scented souvenir of your shared and very special day.
Both sizes of candle, large and votive, can be personalised with the names of the married couple and the date of the wedding. Each label can also be co-ordinated with a range of wedding colour themes.
To discuss how ‘Love From Kent’ candles can imbue your marriage day with beautiful, scented memories, please do contact us with your wedding requirements at  We would be delighted to help you.
*Candle gifts for every occasion*
Love From Kent candles can be customised to every gift-giving occasion.
From Naming Day or Godparent favours to ‘Thank You, Teacher’ presents. From gifts for Mothers’ Day to candles commemorating milestone birthdays.  Each and every celebratory event can be brightened by one of our exquisite candles.
To discuss how we can provide charmingly-scented and personalised gifts for your special occasion, please do contact us with your specific requirements (at  We’d be delighted to show your our range of customisable candle labels.

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